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Awesome Game!

Really fun to play with friends or random people.. In addition to being fun, it works the mind and tests your skills. Im a huge fan!!!!


Its a fun game but doesnt count some answers that are obviously correct.

PD good!

Fantastically addicting game, but SO MANY pop up ads

Great Game! Add Me! 5⭐️s!

I havent been playing long, but I really like "STOP!" ⭐️5 Stars!⭐️ ADD ME ON APPLE GAME CENTER! ID: AneciaP This game is very interesting, never boring, and keeps you on your toes! I like the categories and my husband and I like to help each other out on the answers! *

Very Fun Game

I think Stop is a very fun game and a good way to interact with friends!

Quick & Fun

I just started this game a few days ago and have really enjoyed it. The games are quick and sometimes challenging depending on the categories. There have been a few correct answers that were marked wrong, but overall its a fun game.


Its good

Fun game.

Fun way to pass the time.

Love it!!(new category ideas)

Yaaassss love this app!!! So fun, and addicting (in a good way) but I thought of some category ideas, I dont know if you take suggestions like this but I thought of some cool new topics. 1: The weather is... 2: Floorings 3: Hair colors I also think you should be able to do games with up to 4 people at a time!!! Thats all that I just thought of for now!!!

This is fun!

I downloaded this game earlier today and have enjoyed it so far.


Fun game! Wish they would recognize more words but I appreciate that they let you notify them

Fun game!

Very fun game

My opinion



fun to play with, similar to scattergories


Very addicting

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