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Amazeballs ✌

Amazing and fun!!!!

Good premise, terrible game

There are such a small number of categories and many of them are stupid. For example, I can barely name one "Oscar nominated director" how the hell am I supposed to name one for every letter of the alphabet. And many times it accepts dumb answers over logical answers. Apparently "movie star" isnt an occupation but "mover" is... It also just straight doesnt take some answers that are correct, especially in the cheese and fish categories, these definitely need to be expanded. It gives half a point for "bluejay" because it isnt "blue jay" and you lose because of that. Also the time amount before you can stop should be raised, when sending a game to someone you can read the categories before hand then answer one of them and stop it and your opponent doesnt even have enough time to read the categories. Too many small problems make the game too aggravating to play, only mildly fun when playing with friends. I have never written a review for an app so just imagine how annoyed I am with this game.

Soooo addicting!!

Love this game especially when you link up with friends! Download now!


A lot of my friends got this game and told me to get it too so I did. Its really fun and makes you think!! The best part is when u dont know the answer and it ends ups being something very obvious lol. Love this game but some of the categories are impossible and some answers that are said to be correct are not that what makes the game fun and stressful (a good stressful lol)

Addicting game, few downsides

So this game is super addicting one of my favorites! I think they could expand their categories and I do believe some answers are correct that need to be fixed but overall great app (:


Easy and fun to play! Very addicting. Fun way to challenge yourself and play with friends

Doesnt send invites to friends

Downloaded this cuz friends told me about it but when I send invites out, no one is receiving their invites. And, the app logs me out of Facebook every time. It needs to keep me logged in or give the option to stay logged in if need be.

Enjoyable for the whole family

Great Game

Its a great game, but there are too many ads. I also wish that there were sample answers for questions that you couldnt think of answer for.

Love it. But...

I really enjoy playing this game! I dont like the fact that some answers which are correct are labeled wrong. For example I dont understand how "jumping off buildings" is more of a hobby than "Jumping Rope" if memory serves me you only jump off a building once. And a hobby is something you do for fun on multiple occasions.


Me and my mom play all the time and it really helps with our spelling and it helps my sisters learn new words they never knew before!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


You have to be very intelligent and have to type really fast to beat your opponent in this game. Besides that really fun and it tests your memory of things you wouldnt really think of .

Great game

Very fun and addicting. I play against my kids and other adults.


Idk what to say.. Its fun!

Wish it has more lives

ϯհίς ɡαʍε ίς ςմԹεɾ ƒմη. ί ʆσѵε ίϯ ςσ ʍմɕհ! ϯհε σηʆψ ϯհίηɡ ί ϖαηϯ ίς ʍσɾε ʆίѵες! ϖε ɡεϯ ςσ ʆίϯϯʆε ʆίѵες αηδ ϖε ɕαηϯ Թʆαψ ƒσɾ ϯհίɾϯψ ʍίηմϯες մηϯίʆ ίϯ ɾεʆσαδς! Թʆմς, ςίηɕε ίϯ ϯαƘες ςմɕհ α ʆσηɡ ϯίʍε ϯσ ʆσαδ, ίϯ ςհσմʆδ αϯ ʆεαςϯ հαѵε ɡίѵε ʆίѵες σɾ ϯεη αϯ ʍσςϯ. σѵεɾ αʆʆ, ίϯς α Թɾεϯϯψ ηίɕε ɡαʍε. ☀⛅☁☁☁⛅☀

Great game with one problem

I would love to give this game 5 stars, but the fact that you can see the categories before you spin the wheel to determine the letter is ruining it. Ive only been playing for a few days, and everyone I play with has already realized that the best way to win is to see the categories, only accept a letter which you can think of a word for, and then quickly put down that word and slide the "stop" thing as soon as possible (5 seconds). If they would just get rid of the ability to see the categories prior to spinning for the letter, this game would be super fun again, and everyone would play it as intended.

Love it

Im way too addicted to this game lol

Great app!

Easy to understand, simple and fun!


I get to play with my friends and its very competitive, always makes me think lol

Love it

Its so good sometimes glitches but I love this game me and my friends also come up with totally random answers and we get them wrong sometime right but ....(thats rare lol)

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