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Definitely worth getting!

Loveeee this game! Recommend it to anyone and everyone

Fun game

This game keeps your mind sharp !?


This is an easy fast fun game.makes you think on your feet

dont STOP the love

first off let me start with this, thank you. Because of this game I met the love of my life josh. It started out with me nudging him when he took to long to play, and trying to get more hearts. But let me tell you, josh stole my heart. so for this I rate 5 stars


The categories are repetitive and when I pick a category? There should be more than one thing associated with that category.

New favorite game!

I love this game! I love scattagories and this game reminds me a lot of that game. I like that the rounds are so fast.

Fun game!

A really fun game to play with your friends!


Gr8 m8 I rate 8 out of 8!


Love the categories and the mind challenges

Love it

Very addicting game. Its a lot of fun. I wish the game would make the games expire a little quicker because I have a long list of people who havent played their turn in almost 4 days. But besides that I love this game


Very addicting!


Fun varied game to play with friends where no two games are alike

America Correct!

I enjoy the game, but I think many answers which are correct are not accepted. One notable example: Countries ... Letter A ... You do not accept AMERICA as a correct answer!!! That is inconceivable! Apparently you assume that only "the United States" is correct. (Just like The Netherlands has a second correct name, Holland, America has more than one correct name. Some people assume that "America" is referring to the CONTINENT. Not so!!!! Just as there is Africa, the continent, and South Africa, a COUNTRY which includes the name of Africa, there are different uses of the word "America." North America - continent. South America - continent. Central America - region. THE Americas - the whole region that includes the continents. America - the country that consists of 50 states, united together to form the nation called America. This is why the states are called the United States of America. They are located on the North American continent, but they are NOT called the United States of North America! When we say the name of our nation, the continent is NOT included in the name! North America is simply the continent where America is located! The country itself is called the United States of AMERICA, the USA, the US of A, the US, the States, and mostly just America. All of our patriotic songs are about America, the country, not North America the continent! "America the Beautiful" .. "God Bless America" etc. These are all songs about the nation of America, not the continent of North America.


This incredible game features letters you use to start a category. Say the letter was A, and a catagory was fruits, veggies, legumes, Ect. I would answer apple in a one minute time limit ( five categories per round. Only one problem you can nudge people only once at a time there should be a nudge all button.



Good memories

This game reminds me of a game I used to play as a child. No 5 stars because the Spanish version needs some work.

Makes you think creative & quick

If this is my place to put in request, I would like to ask if the leveling up could be worth more/ counted for more. Like if winning a game now gained you 2x tokens of your level gained.


Game is so fun!!!

Good so far

Have only been playing a few days, but so far really enjoying it! Certainly forces me to use my brain and think quickly, which I like.

Love it

Best way to pass time with friends and family.

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