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Stop fun

Fun game. Uber addictive

Super fun!

Its challenging, but a fun kind of challenging. It really requires a lot of thought without the game being boring.

Awesome game

Really fun! It has started to crash a lot lately though

Great app but wait times for new lives is way too long

Waiting 20 min for a new life is a bit much

I love Scattergories!

Fun game but waiting 30 minutes for a life makes them precious and I have to waste it on people who are just trying the game and never see it through. There are also no stats or anything. Just dont see a competitive point. Should keep score! Seems like a very new app.

Super fun

Love this game!


As a Pokemon fan, I feel insulted when I am told that Combusken is not a real Pokemon. Even if I make suggestions I am not seeing results.

fun needs less adds

lots o fun


Really fun. It can be addicting and competitive

Great game!

This game is really fun to play! It has a great interface and fun categories. I wish more people would play! Only down side for me (which isnt really a downside I guess?) is that I occasionally get notifications saying that its my turn to play when it isnt. Great overall!!


Challenging, quick, and a lot of fun

Really buggy

Fun game but loads of issues. Like crashing every half hour.

Great game

This game is fun and freshens up your thinking speed. It is fun to play with friends or random opponents.

Super fun

Very fun to play, the pressure and time limits get your brain juices flowing, and the ability to play with multiple random people is useful when they arent all available at the same time (you dont have to wit long to find a player).

Super fun!

Great game. Really makes you exercise your brain!

Great game but still in the works

This is a very fun and addicting game. However, this game is relatively new and still in the process of getting it up and running. I find many of the words that should be answers are still not and it gets quite annoying when youre trying to play with people.


Great word game gets you thinking just started but so far so good!

Great game

Great game to play with your friends. Its a lot of fun and gets you thinking.

Love it

Im so addicted to this game!


Few too many ads, even for a free version but oh well.

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