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Great game, really fun

Awesome game


Can I just play the game? Apparently not. I can only start THREE games at a time, then I have to wait HALF AN HOUR to start another. I love this game, but I dont want to waste my iTunes money ( that I use for music) on PAYING TO PLAY A GAME! I get that you guys have to make money an stuff, but I mean, just open a flippin lemonade stand for all I care! I JUST WANT TO PLAY THE FRICKING GAME!!!!!!!!!


Great game to play with friends


update: newer version has reduced screen size on iPhone6 which cannot be adjusted. Customer support, when contacted, oblivious to this.

Needs an Increased vocabulary

Though this game has gotten a lot better since I first started playing, I still think there a certain improvements that could make it better. One, when you spell a work incorrectly, I would find it beneficial to click on the misspelled word and have the correct word appear to show you your mistake. Also there needs to be a lot more vocabulary added to certain categories, such as body parts for instance. I end up losing matches just because I use a word not in the games database, even though it is correct. I do very much enjoy playing this game and look forward to the updates coming.

Deleting reviews

Update for iPhone6 is not good, screen much smaller & cannot be adjusted. My earlier review mysteriously disappeared (?) Apple-iTunes, state developers control reviews. Nice going

Love it!

Fun game to play with anyone.


This is fun.


Its a great game that makes you think hard

Its addicting!

I could literally play it all day! Would highly recommend it if you love brain games and games that seriously make you think!


Very Addicting


Top top



So fun!

Wish the categories were randomly selected and did not need to pay! But so fun otherwise!

Sooo fun

My moms brasilian so I have been playing this game on paper since I was 7 years old. Its sooo fun!!!

Pretty good

Pretty addicting but it needs more categories. It would be nice to receive more points for more original answers.

Fun & addicting

Super addicting! Some words that should work, dont & vice versa.

Super fun and fast paced

Fun and fast paced

Amazing to play when bored at work or school

Keeps your brain still in the mood to think


It says its my turn but when i click play i cant play it says its still the other persons turn (which it isnt) and it doesnt allow me to go back to the main page and its frozen

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