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I am super addicted to this game. Downloaded it on all my tablets and electronics. Reminds me so much of scattergories. Love this game


This all is so entertaining and helps me relieve stress. Its super fun and worth downloading!


Really fun. Entertaining

Fun game

Reminds me of scattergories

Great game!

This game is great, although its basically trivia crack...They also say that killing people isnt a bad habit hmm...

Great game

Played this at a friends house and havent stopped. Great game, cant wait to see more categories.


I love this game!!! It really gets you thinking and is so fun!! My dad will watch me play and try to jump in!


This game is really fun and addicting although I wish that people couldnt stop right after they got an answer and the other player doesnt have enough time to go.


Just something I find distracting and soothing because you get to enjoy life from a perspective never really imagined. Also, it really shows how great you are at handling pressure. Thank you for making this game.

Not enough categories/subjects

The categories are repeated over and over. For some Questions there will absolutely no answer. Also, for example, if you switch last name first around it doesnt recognize it, even though thats the right answer :/

Super fun but too many adds. And lives.

I wish you started with more lives. And I hate the ads. Umm debating paying for it. Haha probably will.

Love it!

I love this game!


Idek why but I enjoy playing this and beating my friends at it

Absolutely amazing

This app is so much fun and is ridiculously addicting. I have been playing for a few months now, and I cant stop.

Love it

One thing that would make it better is to get more lives with every won game.



Fun and addictive

Love this game. No technical problems. I paid the small fee to upgrade to unlimited play.

Work on your knowledge.

I love this game and I want to win, but in almost every match I find that answers I have arent relevant and they are...can you please work harder or get more people to validate correct answers? Its frustrating as a gamer who seems to be playing correct words for categories but your app doesnt recognize them as appropriate. I have had a couple times where words Ive played have been accepted after a game, so I just dont want to lose games because Ive played words that your app just doesnt recognize. If you want to keep up with the app game world you need to keep up with your players.


I love this game.

Fun and addicting

Very challenging i like it

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