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Best game!! So fun, and not an overwhelming amount of ads!

So much fun

Been playing this game non stop for like a week now. Its a lot of fun! Lots of categories to choose from and lots of answers are hilarious. Ty for not being one of those apps that spam ads every few seconds.

Cant Stop!

LOVE this game! Such a challenge and so addicting!


This game is so much fun!


Really fun. Simple. Fresh. And havent seen a bug yet. Good job!

Love It!

Love this game. Keeps the brain working and very addictive!

I love the game!!!

But i hâte the stop Im so stress out i cant finish all my 5 questions... I give 5 stars but plz peoples give the chance

Great fun!!

Good game!! Learnt lots of new stuff from playing!! The new categories keep you interested and my typing skill has improved!

Great game!!!!

Its fun, addictive and challenging... More categories would add more fun...

Not a good experience

I was excited to get the game because my friends said they love it but when I tried to get it, it only let me play the first game then wouldnt stop crashing when I tired to open the app. It seems fun though I just havent really been able to play it..

Cant "STOP" wont "STOP"

Love the game I play against my friends and destroy them and it really makes you think about what you know.


This game is awesome! It "stopped" me from murdering. Get it? Now, that is punny. Bahahaha

I like it

I hope they keep up the answers and categories but this is fun.


Great game, very addicting. Id only like to see a prettier UI

Fun... But recently...

This game was super fun to begin with, but then it kicked me off and hasnt let me back on. Ive tried time and time again to get back on, but it wont let me! Please help!


Every time I play this it gets stuck on the 3-2-1 countdown and I lose that life bcos I have to exit the game and reboot my phone just to unstick the game. Please fix this as I love this game.


This Game is fun and I love to play it with my friends but I have spelled words wrong and then it comes up yellow not green. They should count it as green or maybe if its spelt wrong let you correct it so it can turn green. I mean it isnt your fault you spell it wrong especially when your timed. I always lose games to people just because I spelt one word wrong, if I hadnt spelt it wrong I would have won.

Fun and addicting.

This is a great game. I wish that the creators would check out all of the answers that theyre told are wrong and make adjustments. Specifically the "dog breed" category. I guarantee that my dogs exist and so does their breed. However, it comes up as a wrong answer. Seems silly that they wouldnt know this one. There are others too but this one stands out.

Great game!!!!

Great game....some weird categories though! Like the game Scattergories but now I can play when Im home alone!!! Could play for hours!!!!!!!!! Dictionary of answers needs some updating..... Still love the game!!!!!

Fun word game like Scategories

If youve ever played the board game Scategories, this game is like that.

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