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This game makes me cry

why do you hate my guts... sick my dick

Does not work

I downloaded the game. It let me play one game then shut down. It will not open and I cannot play it


Super challenging and addictive. You have to type in words that start with a certain letter. If you get this, make sure to chat with thatsmyjam105.

Seriously love this game. I like playing it by myself and with family and friends. Great thinking game!

So much fun!!!

Love this game! Super addicting!

Too many ads

Fun game. Too many ads. Would be willing to pay .99 for the app if theyd STOP the advertisements!

Love it

Super fun and entertaining!! Youll learn new words from other countries, you didnt thought real!!


The game is fun except it was takes too long for opponents to play their turn and the game can expire without giving you a chance. If the player doesnt answer, it should be a forfeit. Thank you.

Great trivia type game

Fun game, and most bugs are fixed right away.

Addicting and challenging

This game is very addicting and definitely makes you think. It only gives you a minute to think and some times even less! Its family friendly so you can play with your friends and family. 5 stars rate, since I havent found a problem with the app so far.

Dont "STOP" the fun!

The pace of the game keeps you on your toes! Its more challenging than "Scattergories". One suggestion - more categories! Otherwise, call me McDonalds because Im loving it!


I used to like this game but Im finding more and more words theyre marking wrong. Yes I note it as being a valid word but they never update. I wont be playing this again.

Great game, but bugs

Love this game. Im really into word games and this is one of my favorites. Only thing is theres a bug where Im getting stuck with it loading forever and I cant play any of my games


This app is great if you like word games. There are next to no adds at all and it is so much fun! I love this app!!!!!

I love stop

I love stop because it is such a great way to get the mind working with a lot more fun than I thought It would be


Lots of fun


AMAZING! I love this app ❤️❤️

What do you win?

Good game. Fun when standing line or waiting because you turn is quick. Not sure the purpose of achievements and you dont see to always win coins.

way too many ads, not enough categories

Its a fun game, but you quickly realize that you see the same small handful of word topics over and over again. And the advertisements are very annoying... If there was an option to upgrade to an ad-free version for $1-$2 I would gladly pay it.

⭐️Challenging and Addictive⭐️

This game is great. I love it immensely. You have one minute on the clock to choose a word to go into each category and it has to start with a certain letter. Yes, this game is challenging but its so much fun to play. It pulls you in and you dont want to stop playing. I give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars. You should play "stop".

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